I got a free trial of Lift SP Face Lift, and I really think I've finally found a good facial cream that makes you look younger while nourishing your skin.

I was looking in the mirror one day and my crow's feet really started to get me down. I had to do something to make my skin look more youthful, but I didn’t want something extreme like Botox or actual plastic surgery -- not to mention I couldn’t afford it!

So I started searching around for a less harsh way to revitalize my skin. I found one of the newer products to come out, Lift SP, and got it -- the free trial offer didn’t hurt!

It came a week or so later, and I tried it out before a night out with some friends. I knew it would be great since Dr. Stephen Jepson had recommended it on ABC News. It also had the acai berries, I figured an acai berry skin care product would give me some of the benefits of acai berries.

I put it on in the morning, and I could feel immediately my skin felt more supple and felt younger like my crow's feet were gone!

My friends noticed and said I looked great, they asked me all about what I was using. When I told them it was LiftSP, a few of them said they recognized it from television. They said they were all really impressed at how young my skin looked.

When I got home -- beaming of course -- I looked up how Lift SP worked. I had no idea what they were, but I found out that Lift SP cream worked so well because of the multi or poly peptides. Basically things that work as a face lift in a can!

The peptides are natural proteins that help tissue such as skin repair itself. By applying them directly to the skin, the peptides get to work right away. And since it was natural and actually repairing the skin cells, making your skin look younger and younger with each use. Dr. Jepson says those multi peptides can reduce wrinkles by 50 percent!

Lift SP contains a lot of those skin strengthening ingrediants:

  • Argirilene (Hexapeptide-3) -- which reduces wrinkle depth and relaxes tension
  • Leuphasyl -- which loosens muscle contraction and is especially beneficial for eye and forehead wrinkles
  • Octapeptide -- which extends and lengthens muscles and reduces wrinkle depth
  • Matrixly 3000 -- which contains 2 lipopeptides which lead to synthesis of new collagen and stimulates Collagen I, III AND IV. Is stronger than Vitamin C and works faster than Retinol without the irritating effects. Increases elastin while repairing the skin.
  • Tripeptide -- which is suppose to smooth lines in wrinkle-prone areas
  • Sea Weed Extract -- which is suppose to tighten your skin for an instant face lift look and feel

Overall I love the Lift SP Face Lift, it really works for me and it's one of the only all-in-one skin rejuvenator that has worked for me.

Go check out the Lift SP Face Lift and see how well it works.

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