LifeCell review - Paula Abdul use LifeCell

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Unparalled combination of anti-aging ingredients. A couple of the ingredients that LifeCell has are Vitamin C to promote collagen synthesis, protect it from ultraviolet rays A and B, and lighten hyper-pigmentation. Deanol is another popular ingredient which improves muscle tone, helps normalize blood circulation, and makes the skin get firm. These are only a couple of well-known ingredients that Life Cell has which will feed your skin to make it healthy once again with the right skin nutrients.

Addition of new anti-aging ingredients. The acclaimed anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nature of Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid, recently discovered to have the staying power to beat all others in it's category and the remarkable Ubiquinone, another super anti-oxidant that make your new skin cell production boost up dramatically! These ingredients are exclusive to LifeCell.

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