I always struggle to find just the right makeup for my complexion, but now the Lauren Hutton Face Disc has answered my prayers and squished all the makeup I need in an awesome compact -- it's all the right shade too!

There is nothing worse than getting some expensive new makeup that looks just right, then getting home and you look like a clown when you get home and put it on. I have a drawer full of makeup that just doesn’t work. My friends love to rummage through it, but it just makes me cringe thinking about how much money I've wasted filling that drawer.

I heard about Laura Hutton cosmetics before, but they sounded insanely expensive, especially if they did all they said they did. But I was surfing the internet and found an ad for her makeup Face Disc, it intrigued me immediately. I did a little research and found that Laura Hutton was a supermodel who made her own makeup, but then I found out she was 62 years old -- oh and she looked amazing. She even went back into modeling at 47 years old!

I looked at a few more Laura Hutton Face Disc reviews, and every seemed to agree that it was a great buy -- and there was a makeup disc free trial, which I'm a huge fan of. So, I ordered it up and took a break from filling my junk makeup drawer.

The stuff came about a week later. It also came with all the brushed I'd ever need and a sleek little carrying case. So that night, before I took a shower, I tried the stuff out. The compact came with a little how-to guide that gave advice on applying the makeup just right and some makeup tricks. I followed the guide to the T to really test it out. After I put the Face Disc makeup on, I didn't want to wash it off! But I reluctantly did and went to bed, but when I saw a friend the next day with it on, they all said I looked "totally hot." That was certainly what I was going for.

I recommended the makeup face disk to all my friends, now they don’t even bother looking through my (nearly empty) makeup drawer now! I also got some for my mom for her birthday. She said it worked wonders on her face; she said she just tossed her old makeup in the garbage.

My favorite part about the stuff was that it's so light. It never feels like I have crud on my face at the end of the day.

I really recommend the Lauren Hutton makeup. Stop fighting bad colors and heavy greasy makeup, try it out.

Sign up for your Lauren Hutton Face Disc Free Trial and take this amazing makeup for a test drive.

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