It’s not always easy to keep hair healthy, strong and shiny. Stress, pollution, coloring and chemicals regularly applied to hair can damage it and make it dry, brittle and damaged. Having hair treatments can also cost quite a sum over time if one seeks the help of hair consultants who are considered experts in their field. But now, there is a way to get expert care for your hair without the pricey treatments. How would you like your hair to be maintained and kept shiny and healthy by Ken Paves, one of the world’s most sought after beauty experts who counts Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba among his clientele? Ken Paves has been featured in many beauty and fashion publications worldwide and his hairstyles have won awards. He’s known for being able to tame those coarse and untamed locks of hair. Now, you can take care of your hair the way Ken Paves would with the Ken Paves Self Help Hair Care line.

The Ken Paves Self Help Hair Care line is meant for hair that needs serious treatment.  The entire collection is made up of Hydrophobicity-Enhancing Shampoo, Hydrophobicity-Enhancing Conditioner, and Volume-Friendly Glosser. Used together, these hair care products repair damaged hair as its restorative and rejuvenating ingredients bring back the natural shine and healthy hair. Ken Paves Self Help Hair Care brings back your hair’s elasticity strength and fullness. The formulation of the Ken Paves Self Help Hair Care line is made of 100% essential oils. There are no artificial fragrances that could cause allergic reactions.

The Sulfate Free Has Integrity Shampoo is sulfate-free. It has a rich, foaming cream that is applied to hair, cleansing damaged hair, and protecting color-treated hair. The Fountain of Youth Conditioner has a rich, cream formula that repairs damaged, dry, color-treated hair without weighing it down. The Volume-Friendly Glosser is the answer to limp hair. It lifts your hair, gives it a bouncy look and keeps the volume for many hours.

Trust your hair to Ken Paves with his Ken Paves Self Help Hair Care line and feel what it’s like for celebrities to have their hair maintained and kept looking great by a hair expert.

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