For men and women, skin lightening of the genitals and anal area can be done fast with these medically developed products.

Intilight, which stands for Intimate Skin Lightening Treatment, is proven effective to lighten the private area from front to back and the creases, too. Intilight provides natural skin lightening. What it does is to reduce the melanin in the area. Melanin is the enzymatic substance in skin cells and more melanin means that the skin is darker. So when the melanin is reduced, the skin gets lighter.

To get rid of the dark areas in the private parts is typically done by using a whitening feminine wash and other similar products such as soap. These are effective but then the results take long and how light it will be is not maximized. Intilight is highly effective as it a genital bleaching cream. It is natural and hypoallergenic.

For the anal area, there is Excelite Booster. This works to lighten that dark area and is a lot stronger that Intilight. The principal ingredient of Excelite Booster is hydroquinone that is one of the most effective skin lightening ingredients in the world. Excelite Booster achieves faster results than Intilight.

You may purchase these genital and anal area skin lightening products individually or buy both and save. These skin lightening products work on all types and colors of skin. Intilight works naturally and does not contain mercury, methylparaben, propylparaben, Kojic acid.

There is a misconception that the private area gets dark because after one pees, they don't wipe and the urine crystallizes to darken the skin. The fact is that it is the melamin production that causes the darker skin area. It is best to treat it with Intilight and Excelite skin lightening as these products were created specifically for these sensitive areas.