Instant Cover by IGIAEver had anything you’d wanted to cover up, but couldn’t find the right thing to get the job done? Are you stricken with acne, unsightly birthmarks or blotches, got bruised somewhere, or have to go to an interview or somewhere important but can’t find the right cover up to cover it up? You may have looked everywhere, but you haven’t found the right item to get the job done. Look for the Instant Cover by IGIA, definitely the cover up solution to your skin problems.

The Instant Cover by IGIA is not just your ordinary make-up. This sensational cover-up can mask and camouflage even the most unsightly of skin marks, in an instant. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind concealer suited to fit your needs. Watch as you put it on and find whatever marks you have disappear in seconds. What’s more, Instant Cover by IGIA doesn’t leave your skin dry when you put it on, so it’s as if the make-up isn’t there at all. It hides all and conceals all. Watch it work for your acne, age spots, birth marks, blemishes, blotches, bruises, psoriasis, stretch marks, scars, tattoos, eye bags and even your varicose veins! The best thing about Instant Cover by IGIA is that it leaves no marks, leaves no odors, and will work even for people with very sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic make-up doesn’t smudge and is water resistant, so you can keep it on for hours without worrying. It looks like your skin, so no one will even notice you have it on.

Instant Cover by IGIA, definitely the right choice to make when looking for concealers or cover-ups. It also comes in three different shades, suited to give you the color that fits you the most. Whether it’s the light concealer, medium concealer, or dark concealer, you will not go wrong with picking the Instant Cover by IGIA as your cover-up choice. Look good and stress-free at any time of the day.

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