idol-tan.jpgGetting a perfect tan can be really hazardous on your health, but there is a way to get a great tan without scorching your skin or putting yourself at risk for skin cancer.

Idol tan is made up of the best sunless tanning additives that darken the skin without damaging it. The result of using Idol Tan is a clear natural golden bronzed tan that will leave you feeling like an angel. It is safe and easy to use and will leave you satisfied each time you use it.

Idol Tan it’s the only thing you need -- no special oils or other sprays to make it work, just simply to rub and apply and its natural tanning effect is felt in only a few hours. And the tanner, unlike cheap tanner from the drug store, Idol Tan lasts until the next layer of skin grows in.

The best thing about Idol Tan is that is that it's perfect for normal and sensitive skin. It's hypoallergenic so there isn’t the rash or discoloration -- even itchiness -- that cheaper tanners can sometimes create.

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