Hollywood Nails is a nail art kit that helps you create designs with machine precision. Nearly effortless, create nail art fast. Have the trendiest nail art designs with the Hollywood Nails nail art kit that has more capacity for perfection than all others!

Come up with your own original nail art using Hollywood Nails without ever having to struggle in the creation process.

How To Do Nail Art (The Old Way)

How does one typically create nail art? Placing the designs with a paint brush, a nail art polish, or a nail polish pen is not an easy task. Each nail has to be done with precision as the patterns have to be the same on each one.

To create better nail art, one may use a stamp. These come with image plates with various designs that are pressed onto the nail after the color choice of polish has been applied.

The problem with this process is that unless one is ambidextrous, applying it on the other hand presents some difficutly. And, since it is done manually, there is a big chance that one will mess it up when the hand that holds the stamper moves.

Placing nail art with a brush requires a steady hand and some skill. One has to own a number of nail art brushes to come up with the variation of design. Make the pretty little dots, lines, and curves, the brush stroke has to be consistent.

How To Do Nail Art (The New Way)

Hollywood Nails
Nail Stamping Kit

To create nail art with professional results, Hollywood Nails has the tools needed which provides machine precision alignment.

Simply load the design, place the finger nail, and slide the stamper down to press on the nail art with precision in alignment and pressure onto the nail.

The Hollywood Nails machine makes it easier to place the design on either the left or right hand.

The stamper is removable for use on toe nails.

Hollywood Nails also comes with:

5 image plates with 9 stamp designs
2 image plates for multi-colored nail art

And, the fantastic Hollywood Nails 3D Bling accessories!

These are the nail art accessories that add the Hollywood sparkle. Add the bling to your hearts desire with 2,400 rhinestones and a nail art tool that has with a brush on one end and a dotting tool in the other.

If you want to have great nail art and get to do it yourself perfectly, or if you know someone who loves nail are, the nails art kit that is so totally awesome is Hollywood Nails.

Making fabulous nail art with Hollywood Nails gives you professional results.