Toxin build-up in the body, if not eliminated through exercise, massage or some other form, can affect your well-being and even lead to diseases and other medical conditions. The Himalayan D-Tox Patches lets you detoxify your body through foot patches while you're sleeping. No time is lost because it works during your sleep. Wake up to a cleaner inner body and be ready to face the new day in a healthier state.

The Himalayan D-Tox Patches are applied to the soles of the feet at night. While you're sleeping, its ingredients are busy working to eliminate your body's toxins. In each patch are Himalayan Sea Salt dating back to the jurassic era. That is over 250 million years old! This Himalayan Sea Salt has long been praised for containing healing properties. Applied directly to the soles, your skin absorbs the salt which in turn draws the unhealthy toxins from the body. At the same time, it replenishes your body with minerals and nutrients needed for better circulation, increased energy levels, better sleep, relief of sore muscles and overall improved health.

If you're already active with sports or a fitness program, you may think you really don't need this as you sweat out toxins already. You will be surprised how much toxins are still left in the body even after a workout. And while we like it or not, toxins continue to bombard us. It is in some foods we ingest or in our environment, like coming in contact with polluted air. Getting extra detoxifying help through the Himalayan D-Tox Patches adds that extra layer of protection to your body.

Try it. The patches are clear white when you apply them on your soles but when you wake up, you’ll see that it has turned dark. Those are all the awful toxins that have been in your body and have been drawn out into the patches.

Love your body and bring it to a healthier level by detoxifying as often as possible. Busy people like you will love the fact that you need not spend extra time in a gym or spend money on expensive spas and massages often. Himalayan D-Tox Patches are convenient alternatives you can do yourself at home, while sleeping, at a very affordable cost.