HairDo by Jessica SimpsonDo you sometimes wish you could wear your hair in a different style? Long hair is nice but wearing it the same way all the time can be boring and may not always suit the occasion. Or if you have short hair, don't you sometimes wish you had instant long hair that you could style or curl so that you looked more sexy or formal-looking for an event? The answer is hair extensions. And where else can you get great-looking alternative hair but at HairDo by Jessica Simpson.

At HairDo by Jessica Simpson you get to choose hairstyles that give you the right "look" just for that date, party or simple night out. There are so many styles to choose from in the exact hair color that you have. Wear your hair short but wavy, long and sexy, straight and short, or long and lush. You can make your hair look windblown or tamed. And for those formal occasions, wear them up in a chignon just like Audrey Hepburn. Want to look playful or sporty? Wear your hair in a ponytail with bangs or keep long hair in check with a sporty headband. Whatever look you want can be achieved in just a short span of time with HairDo by Jessica Simpson. You can choose between human hair and Kanekalon Vibralite modacrylic fiber, the finest quality synthetic fiber that looks and feels exactly like human hair. Unlike other hair extensions offered in salons where the hair comes in separate pieces that need to be attached and layered one by one and requires several hours at the salon, the hair pieces from HairDo by Jessica Simpson consist of one multilevel, contoured piece. Just slip it on, clip it in securely in place and you will immediately sport a different look.

Enjoy surprising your friends who think you spend hours in a salon just to look the way you do. You will always be able to match your hairdo with the occasion and spend so little time achieving the look.

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