Hairdo Bump Up the VolumeGrowing your hair long takes a long, long time. How would you like to be able to attach hair extensions quickly, easily and naturally for those occasions when you would like hair as long as Jessica Simpson's? You absolutely can! Hairdo Bump Up the Volume are hair extensions that have been test-driven by none other than Jessica Simpson herself, inspired by hair styles created by Ken Paves.

Hairdo Bump Up the Volume features an entire line of hair styles done by Ken Paves for Jessica Simpson. You can instantly go from short- or medium-length hair to sexy, long hair in a jiffy. Hairdo Bump Up the Volume extensions are so lightweight and easy to attach. The extension has a half-circle base with five moldable wires and four pressure-sensitive clips. To create the illusion of lift and volume, simply press on the clips. To attach, separate your hair, clip in the extensions and adjust the height. Hairdo Bump Up the Volume comes in a blend of seven to twelve shades so that it is made to look exactly like the shade of your natural hair. Whether your hair is a dark brunette or blond or anywhere in between, Hairdo Bump Up the Volume has the extension just for you. And you won't even know it's just an extension because it feels just like your own hair. Curl the straight hair or straighten curled fibers. The hair extension will follow the style you want. Even wear your hair up in a ponytail and it will look as natural as though your own hair grew to that length. Hairdo Bump Up the Volume is made to withstand heat up to 350F so it is suitable even in tropical climate.

Look stunning and surprise your friends with your lovely, voluminous hair. With Hairdo Bump Up the Volume, wearing long hair need not take long.

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