It's called the Hair Coloring Brush, and it is exactly what the title implies. This brush makes things so much easier, you can get the very root down to the tip of your hair with this fantastic brush. With this brush you are in control of your own hair.

At the salon they have all the right tools for dying hair, that’s why they can get away with charging so much. Why not have the right tools at home to avoid those heft salon bills? The Hair Coloring Brush is a simple concept turned into a great product! Just fill the brush head with hair dye, and push the button to evenly distribute hair dye while brushing your hair!

For anyone who dyes their hair regularly, I am sure that you will agree they make it quite a process. Not to mention your giving your hard earned money away every couple months at the salon to keep your color vibrant. The Hair Coloring Brush works great for a fast easy at home salon experience. You too can have the Hair Coloring Brush to make the hair dying process not so discouraging to do at home.

The Salon Perfect Hair Coloring Brush gives you salon results right in your own home. The Hair Coloring Brush evenly distributes your favorite hair color fast, safe, and easy. With just 3 simple steps your hair will look amazing. Salon prefect results every time!

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