Combing tangled hair will no longer be a problem with Hair Bean. Stop the tugging and tussle which results in more hair being pulled out with Hair Bean, a revolutionary design in combs that uses alternating rows of high and low bristles with Memory Flex Technology so that hair is gently lifted and separated without tangling or being pulled out.

It can be difficult to comb the tangles out of children’s hair. When the comb snags on their tangled hair, they squirm, make a lot of fuss, and even cry. And the more you keep tugging at their hair, you actually add to the damage it does to their hair. While tangles cannot be helped especially after taking a bath or right after getting up from bed, technology can always be used to make hair combing a pleasant, pain-free experience. This is where Hair Bean comes in.

Most hair brushes and combs have bristles that are of the same height. Because of the bristles’ rigidity and even height, there is no flexibility when it is run through tangled hair. Hair Bean was designed differently – with alternating rows of high and low bristles. Using Memory Flex Technology, the effect of the alternating heights of the bristles serve to lift hair gently as you run the brush through your hair. As hair strands are lifted, the high and low bristles part the tangled strands gently, pushing them apart. The result? Pain-free hair brushing! The proof is in the combing. Run Hair Bean through your hair and look at it – no pulled hair on the brush.

Hair Bean is formed like a bean so that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to spray detanglers and spare your hair from chemicals. Hair Bean is all you need to detangle your hair. And it even works on hair extensions and wigs!

Make brushing your hair and those of your kids a pleasant, painless experience with Hair Bean. With it, you treat your hair with care while removing those tangles so much easier than before.

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