GreenNicotineThere are so many electronic cigarettes out there, it's nearly impossible to choose the right one. As soon as one comes in the mail, three new e-cigarettes come out.

One new product is especially noteworthy among all those electronic cigarettes that promise a smoke-free way to get nicotine.


GreenNicotine is a battery-powered atomizer designed and based out of Las Vegas, making it one of the only atomizers based in America.

This, of course, means that all the pieces fit together and that everything works as it should. Sometimes other e-cigarettes won't fit together well or the battery doesn't fit just right. Maybe they just look cheap -- whatever the reason, the GreenNicotine counterpart strives to keep quality top notch.

The company does this by eliminating a lot of the parts that typically break -- instead of three parts, GreenNicotine only uses two high-quality parts. This means that each cartridge comes with its own atomizer; which is a part on most e-cigs that breaks.

green nicotine refillGreenNicotine also took special care to make the best nicotine solution. The company said comparing their nicotine mixture to their competitor is like comparing contaminated water to filtered drinking water.

Just like other electric cigarettes, GreenNicotine allows users to get their nicotine fix anywhere they want without the smoke.

It works wonderfully, and those looking to go "green" can take comfort in known that there are no toxic cigarette butts going in the garbage. It also makes the user's personal environment a little better, there are no smelly clothes to wash, no yellow walls from smoke and of course no ash trays or second-hand smoke.

Try GreenNicotine today and see how well American engineering can stack up against cheap Chinese gadgets.