Glasses-ShopIf you wear eyeglasses and want to change your frames, that extra trip to the optical shop can sometimes be inconvenient. You could be too busy or it’s just too inconvenient to drive to the mall, park your car and wait in line at the optical shop while other customers are attended to. Now, all you need is Glasses Shop. Their website has a very wide variety of frames you can choose from. They have frames for men, women, children and unisex styles. Frame materials are available in metal, plastic, titanium and bendable. All the usual frame styles you can think of are here including fashion frames, wood-like, aviator, retro and clip-ons. You’ll just love going over their entire collection.

All you need is an eyeglass prescription from your optometrist, ophthalmologist, orthoptist or an optician for eyeglasses in order to get your lenses and frame from Glasses Shop. Once you have selected a couple of possible frames, head on over to Glasses Shop’s Virtual Try-On page. Here you will find headshots of men and women. Choose a headshot and see how your frames look on them. You can also upload your own photo so you see exactly how it would look on your face. You can also order your lenses from their site as they cater not just to ordinary prescription lenses but also special ones like bifocals and progressive lenses. There are additional options you can request for your lenses like color tint, photochromic or polarized lens. They even have a page that teaches you how to read the prescription of your lenses properly so you can place the order yourself. Imagine ordering your complete eyeglasses from the comfort of your home or office. You can even track your order online. This is convenience taken to the next level!

Save yourself time and money and order your eyeglasses whenever you feel like it. You need not be tied down to your eye doctor’s clinic hours or to optical shops’ store hours. You can get the exact frame style and lens type you want from Glasses Shop.

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