Gardeners ArmorAre you an outdoor kind of person? Love immersing yourself in the sun, nature, harsh weather conditions, and all other outdoor-related things? Find yourself constantly outside without the right protection? Want no more with the Gardener’s Armor, a lotion that works wonders for your skin when you’re outdoors. Originally designed for gardeners who spend long hours under the sun while tending to their plants and garden, this lotion has now extended to working for anyone who spends countless hours under the sun and while doing other outdoorsy activities.

The Gardener's Armor works well for everyone in the family. It has SPF that will protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. Whether you’re working on your garden, hiking, doing outdoor sports, this will definitely keep you from getting burnt from the sun. It’s also a great protection against insect bites, so you don’t have to worry about getting bitten when sleeping outdoors or when doing your sports. This will keep you from getting aggravated by various insect bites across your skin. Worried about getting poison ivy or getting in contact with other harmful trees or plants while outdoors? No worries! Gardener's Armor will protect you from that as well. What’s more, it’s water resistant, so you can get into the water without worrying about rinsing off the lotion. You can go in and come out of the pool, a river, lake, or even from the rain, and you will still be protected by Gardener's Armor.

This all-natural and green-for-the-environment lotion will heal you right up and keep you protected from nature’s worst. It’s not at all sticky, so it will feel as if it wasn’t there at all. Keep yourself protected all day and all night without worries. Try on the Gardener's Armor for yourself and see how effective this product is. Protect yourself all the time with the Gardener’s Armor!

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