Keeping your bladder under control is a vital factor for a normal life. Think of all the problems you have because you always have to go the bathroom. A poor urinary tract and bladder health can have a negative effect on your social and personal life. But you can change all that if you use Flostat Bladder Control. It is a natural solution for bladder control obtained from soy extract and pumpkin seeds extract. It is especially designed to help mature men and women that have bladder problems or want to prevent them from occurring. The ingredients used are considered to be very safe and have a long history in helping with urinary tract problems.

During urination, muscles named sphincters relax or contract to release or stop the flow of urine. The muscles of the bladder also contract and relax. That's why it is important to keep the sphincters and bladder muscles healthy. Flostat Bladder Control helps strengthen those muscles while also having a calming effect on the bladder. This way there will be no uncontrollable sphincter movement and you will have normal urinary patterns. The soy inside the Flostat Bladder Control is considered to have beneficial effects on the muscles of the bladder and is being used for this since the 16th century. The benefits of soy extracts and pumpkin seed extracts were proven in a recent clinical study. The subjects received a tablet containing these two extracts and during several weeks there were significant improvements in urinary health and frequency and the number of the emergency episodes decreased. Flostat Bladder Control is safe and effective! Don't hesitate and try it today.

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