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Finishing Touch Smile
Tooth Whitening Pen

*This has a gel which is made from the same ingredients that dentists use for teeth whitening.
*It is unique because of the time-release feature that continuously whitens the teeth after it has been brushed on.
*The gel stays on the teeth which activates the ingredients to start the whitening process.
*Application is simple because of the special pen-like dispenser.
*May be used by people with sensitive teeth because of the ultra-high water content.
*This gel also works to freshen the breath.
*Convenient, one can use Finishing Touch Smile practically anywhere.

Why Whiten Teeth With Finishing Touch Smile?

We go to the dentist regularly to get our teeth cleaned but that is not enough to make our teeth look great. What the dental professionals will recommend is to have an expensive tooth whitening procedure done. Those kind of teeth whitening treatments requires a number of visits to the dentist and sometimes, you may have to still do a home whitening treatment in tandem with the dental visits.

After that dental whitening is complete, in a month or two, new stains from coffee, smoking, or other food and beverage items may appear. So, in a few months, the whitened teeth is going to be stained again!

With Finishing Touch Smile, you get whiter teeth in just 2 days - and you don't have to go out of your way for those costly teeth whitening procedure because it is handy enough to bring along.

Why waste time and effort getting those expensive tooth whitening procedures when there is a highly effective home treatment that is within reach of the budget. In 2 days with Finishing Touch Smile, you will have fresher breath and the celebrity smile!

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