An out of town friend told me about a pretty neat diet program called Fat Loss 4 Idiots, and it was an entirely new approach to the normal diet, at least for me.

My friend told me the diet worked amazingly well for her, and she never had to count carbs or eat dull, low-calorie foods. It sounded like my ideal diet -- I love to eat! When my friend came to town, it started to look like THE ideal diet -- my friend lost 22 pounds and looked fabulous!

The secret, she said, was tricking your body into thinking that it had to continuously burn fat. She said that by eating four to five meals a day, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program trained her body into releasing fat-burning hormones instead of fat-saving hormones that would typically be released after a big meal.

It all sounded a little backward the way she described it, but she went online and showed me what it was, and it really started to make sense.

I ordered my own copy online and started reading the details in about two minutes -- I really love Ebooks!

The gist of the diet program is to eat several times a day, but never eat until you’re stuffed. That made sense to me, every time I eat a big meal I just want to lay down and take a nap. Now I know that taking that cat nap is more like a fat nap because all that food is telling by body to store all the fat it can -- kind of like hibernating.

But the benefits of eating several meals a day was a really bizarre idea for me until I tried it. When I began my diet, I started losing weight in two days, and I always had a lot of energy! It all really started to make sense to me then. My body got used to using the food I ate instead of sending it straight to my butt.

Fat Loss For Idiots was the easiest diet to get used to I’d ever used. I just went online and created my online diet menu. Then I could check it from home, work and wherever to see what I should be eating. There are never any portion sizes or anything and there is nothing to keep track of -- just guidelines of what to eat. There were even allergy options for people with food allergies.

Every once in a while I even used the vegetarian option menu, just for a little more variety. My friend said the vegetarian diet options are what really sold her on the Ebook, since it was hard to find a good diet for vegetarians.

I followed the diet for two of the 11-day cycles. In between the cycles was also a wonderful 3-day window where I could eat whatever I wanted -- never seen that before!

At the end of the month, I had lost 19 pounds! But the greatest thing was that I didn’t have to change my life or count annoying calories and carbs all day.

Go download Fat Loss 4 Idiots now and see an entirely new way to look at dieting -- one that works!

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