Does laser hair therapy work to stop balding? Yes, it does. Laser hair therapy has been proven to work. It's on the news and there are two ways to do get laser hair therapy. This Evolution Hair Centers review is for you to find out how does laser hair therapy work to make the hair regrow.

Evolution provides the best laser hair therapy through science and advanced technology. Evolution Hair Centers results surpass other laser hair therapy programs. It's laser hair therapy programs are excellent natural hair regrowth treatments to actually reverse hair loss. You will be able to get the laser hair theraphy and the complete product line specifically designed to heal your scalp and feed your body with the vital hair nutrients to enable your hair to grow back naturally.

The two types of laser hair therapy to choose from, which are the At-Home or In-Clinic treatments.

ER610 In-Clinic Laser Hair Growth Treatment

This treatment can be done at any of the Evolution Hair Centers or their affiliate clinics. The Evolution Series ER610 Clinical Laser Device for hair regrowth can be used by men and women. A lot of ordinary laser hair growth devices send out only one kind of intensity level for the each treatment session which could either be too much or too little and poor results are obtained. The ER610 Laser Hair Growth Treatment of Evolution Hair Centers has 4 treatment settings to suit the individual needs of each client.

There are two different treatment proceduce for light and dark hair. Dark hair normally necessitates a smaller amount of laser light stimulation because of the light attraction characteristic of the dark pigmentated hair shaft. Light blond hair generally demands nearly double the amount of laser light than that of dark hair because of the reflection of light pigmentated hair shaft.

Other laser hair regrowth treatments are only done to the top of the scalp, which is the area where people commonly get bald spots. The Evolution ER610 Laser is in fact eleven inches deep to accommodate the needed coverage area. All areas except below the occipital ridge is bathed with laser, and this is necessary for people who have balding areas on the side of the scalp, at their temporal points, and at the lower crown area for them to stop balding with the use of Evolution Hair Centers In-Clinic laser hair growth treatment.

Erchonia THL-1 Handheld Laser For Home Use

This Handheld Laser is approved by the FDA and is built in accordance to an ISO Certified Quality Assurance Program. This home hair regrowth laser device is the best in the world. The Erchonia THL-1 Handheld Laser Unit happens to be an state-of-the-art medical grade handheld laser.

The handheld laser which is to be used for only four minutes each day, will greatly help to stimulate the dormant hair follicles to awaken them and make the hair grow back. The Erchonia THL1 Laser device gives you the portability you need as well as consistency of power and in less that 5 minutes daily, you will be able to stop balding.

The Handheld laser hair regrowth device was designed for you to be able to save time, money and effort. Thought the results that you will obtain from going to have an In-Clinic hair regrowth treatment is better, this handheld laser device will stop balding for many men and women who are not yet in the advance stage of hair loss.

There is also a recommended Evolution Hair Care product line that will help make your hair regrowth faster. You might want to find out more about the Erchonia THL-1 Handheld Laser For Home Use and the In-Clinic Laser Therapy Program.

If you are not sure which of the two kinds of laser hair therapy treatments would best serve your needs, you can request for a Free Consultation.  Stop balding and use the laser hair therapy that does work.

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