Skin care can never be taken for granted. That is why the people behind Esente Skin Care have gone beyond just formulating skin care products that “feel good”. By combining nutraceuticals with phytochemicals into its products, it came up with what they coined as  “physioceuticals” to provide the finest and most effective skin care products.

Esente Skin Care is proud of its physioceuticals approach which combines the following strong features like no other skin product. It has proprietary blends of ingredients that are synergistically combined to bring out the most effective results. It chirally corrects the ingredients (chiral correctness is a process of removing molecules that are incompatible with human skin). Each of the products in the Esente Skin Care line has what they call the ‘e’ factor:

  • eliminates imperfections
  • enhances cell function
  • encourages lipid production
  • exfoliates progressively
  • equalizes moisture levels
  • extracts impurity
  • eases sensitivity
  • effectively protects
  • elevates resistance
  • expedites energy production

In Esente Skin Care, they have four product lines: Excelladermise, Biodermise, Rejuvadermise, and Physiodermise. In the Excelladermise line, the focus is on cleansing and more. A water-based blend of heavy water and active extracts hydrate, heal, calm, protect and correct the skin. For antioxidant protection, there is an herbal tonic blended with aromatherapeutic essential oils. And the excellerator products strengthen capillaries, healthy micro-circulation, balance hydration levels, and protect against the threats of UV and the environment. The Biodermise line focus on anti-wrinkle resurfacing, corrective programs for acne and pigmentation, and anti-aging products. The Rejuvadermise line focuses on healing and regenerating skin after aggressive skin peeling or deep resurfacing. It also includes eye care. The Physiodermise line provides additional protection and regeneration support through professional as well as home care treatments. These include hydrators, skin lighteners and peels.

With the complete lines of skin care products and the research and care that went into the formulation of each product, you can be confident that your skin is in excellent hands when  you use Esente Skin Care.

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