Do you have this cutaneous skin tag protruding from a part of your body? These skin tags are usually harmless and are found in older people. But if they appear on visible parts of the skin, it can be annoying and oftentimes look really ugly. Remove skin tags painlessly with Elimitag, a topical homeopathic skin remover that gets rid of skin tags naturally and painlessly.

Skin tags look like a narrow stalk protruding from skin and can appear anywhere – neck, underarms, eyelids, under skin folds or just about anywhere else. It is usually not painful and need not be removed. However, depending on where they appear, they can interfere with clothing and get irritated. If they appear on the face or on a part of skin not covered by clothes, they can look unsightly.

The usual ways to remove skin tags is via surgery, cryotherapy (freezing) or cauterization (burning off) and these are done under the supervision of a dermatologist. But now, with Elimitag, you can do this by yourself from the comfort of your own home, safely and effectively.

Elimitag’s all-natural homeopathic (plant-based) formula, including pure essential oil Thuja Occidentalis, is easy to apply. It is simply dabbed over the skin tag regularly and over time, you’ll notice the skin tag shrinking in size, drying up and falling off completely. It comes with its own bottle brush so there’s no need for cotton swabs. It works for any skin type too.

No scars and no pain are experienced by users of Elimitag. In fact, it is so discreet because you can carry the tiny bottle around with you and apply it on the skin tag even from a public washroom at a hotel or an office. It’s really that convenient. You just need to be patient because Elimitag works slowly but surely. You will only see the effects after about 3-6 weeks of daily application.

Get rid of skin tags with Elimitag. It’s your do-it-yourself skin tag eliminator at home.