An effective dual treatment for anti-aging.

For your face and body, there are two treatments needed to get youthful skin. One of the treatments will remove the dead skin cells. The other one shall promote new cell growth. By doing these both, it is possible to erase the visible signs of aging.

These facts might not be a surprise to you. Yet, even if you are satisfied with the results of the anti-aging products that you are currently using, you may want to take a closer look at the high tech way to get youthful skin. What skin problems do you have? A few of them might be fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Other common skin problems are rough skin and skin discoloration.

Diamond Radiance is microdermabrasion machine that has a special vacuum technology. It removes the dead skin cells and promotes new skin growth. For a time, these kind of  machines were only being sold to clinics and salons.  Now, anyone can own one as it has been designed for home use.

Exfoliation made much better

During the times of ancient Egypt, exfoliation was done using pumice and alabaster. After centuries, people still exfoliate using various exfoliating products such as the buff puff and a loofah. To get rid of deep scars and other such problems, the highly abrasive surgical procedure called dermabrasion was created to removes the upper layer of the skin. Dermabrasion is painful, the skin takes months to regrow and heal but cosmetic surgeons all over the word use it for deep scar removal as it is highly effective.

Microdermabrasion non-surgical procedure that is a lot less abrasive. Ideal for removing fine lines, age spots, and mild scars, this treatment requires the skin to recovery period of 24 hours.

Diamond Radiance microdermabrasion machine has tips covered with a multitude of uniformly sized tiny diamonds particles to be used as the abrasive to remove the dead skin cells. As these tips glide over the skin, there is a simultaneous suctioning action.

Vacuum technology

As the microdermabrasion is being done, the suction from this vacuum makes the blood flow in the area treated increase. When this happens, collagen production is promoted. The gentle pulling of the skin stimulates it to regrow.

Dead skin cells may clog the pores during the microdermabrasion process. The vacuum will suck these up and trap it into a filter.

Regular use of Diamond Radiance home treatment machine brings about subtle changes that will slowly but surely erase the skin problems. After every treatment, as the skin grows anew, a spot fades, a wrinkle gets less visible, and the skin becomes smoother and softer. Though it is a machine, what will help create the youthful skin is a natural process.

How would you like to have nicer feet? Getting rid of the callouses using pumice stones isn't enough. Use the diamond tips of Diamond Radiance to make the skin even on top of the feet renew itself. Are your elbows and knees too dark? Do your arms and legs need a lot of lotion to have that healthy shine? Do you want a professional microdermabrasion for your face and neck?

Try Diamond Radiance today and see how wonderful your skin be after 30 days.