DermaWandAs we age, there are many telltale signs and most of these show up on our face: laugh lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, skin folds and sags, and cheek puffiness. These signs often make us look older than we actually are. Whether you are still approaching the prime of your life or already in your golden years, you want to have your skin always looking supple, smooth and young. Now comes DermaWand, a handheld skin rejuvenation treatment, that allows you a spa-like facial treatment even in the comfort of your home. Even a 3-minute treatment with DermaWand will already tone and tighten your skin. You can see and feel immediately what it does.

DermaWand’s technology involves sending a gentle stream of impulses that stimulate your skin at 114,000 cycles per second. The thermal energy generated cosmetically smoothes away lines and wrinkles and brings vital nutrients back to the surface. DermaWand also produces enriched oxygen, an important ingredient your skin always needs in order to look bright and healthy. After regularly using DermaWand on your face, you will notice reduction in pore size, less-defined and softer lines and wrinkles, lifting of your eyebrows, diminished puffiness of the cheeks and minimal laugh lines. Even your eye area will look less tired and puffy. An order of DermaWand comes with its own carrying case, an instructional DVD and guide, and 3 free bonus items: a 1 oz. Derma-Vital Pre-face treatment, a 1 oz. Hydrating Skin Mist with Pump, and a 1 oz. Hydra Support Moisturizer. You can even try DermaWand absolutely free for 30 days.

Make DermaWand part of your skin care regimen. Go ahead and visit their website and try it. Soon enough, your friends will be noticing the difference as you start looking younger than before.

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