DentalPlans.comWith over 30 plans and 100,000 dentists in their network, where you can get the discount dental plans that you need. The escalating price of dental care sometimes cannot be covered completly by dental insurance and there are many who do not have dental insurance. Yet, there are another few more important factors that should be used in considering how to cut down on your dental care expense.

The price of dental insurance premiums average from $225 to 396 yearly. A individual dental plan costs $79.95 and around $130 for families. If you compare the two, right away you see that there are immediate savings. Keep in mind that dental plans is not insurance, so what you can expect from a dental plan is different. With dental insurance, if you don't pay the yearly premium, it is cancelled. With dental plans, the minute you pay it is activated and you have coverage that you need.

Watch the video on how lack of dental care affects millions of American children.

If you want to compare dental plans with dental insurance, just take a few moments to compute. Dental insurance HAS to be paid yearly and if you don't use it to the coverage limit, then the premium payments would have not been fully utilized. Dental plans gives you discounts when you need it. There are more things to take into account when comparing dental plans with dental insurance.

Standard cleaning costs around $50 to a $100. If your teeth are in good condition and you just get 2 cleanings a year, then you would have given the insurance company unused premium money that you could have used for at least 4 cleanings. Typically, you won't get to need fillings or tooth extractions every year and if you have 5 years without any kind of these types of dental health problems, you would have flushed down the drain at least $500.

Car insurance is vastly different from dental insurance as you are covering an asset. Medical insurance is needed because the cost of treatments and procedures can skyrocket if you have a serious illness or disease. How much do you expect to pay for dental care in your lifetime? How much should you put into insurance premiums if you have coverage for 40 years? is the better alternative for you to get proper dental health care.

dent2Why not find out more about what kind of dental plan can give you the most savings? There are individual, family, business, and group plans. Find one to suit your needs and save a lot of money with low cost dental plans.

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