Core Products has sleep aid pillows for anti-snoring, CPAP, and therapy that are created based on years of scientific research. These sleep aid pillows are designed to address certain health concerns, such as that of lack of quality sleep and neck pain. Core Products is one of the most popular brands in the health industry - and the benefits that one can get by simply using a new Core Products sleep aid pillow are tremendous.

Core Products Sleep Aid Pillows
"Making Your Life More Comfortable"

CPAP Pillow

Continuous positive airway pressure, CPAP, helps prevent a person's airway from collapsing or becoming blocked while sleeping. The design of this pillow also helps stop snoring and prevents sleep apnea. The CPAP pillow is available in 3 various side panel thickness.

This pillow is ideal to use by people who are using a CPAP machine. Here are the reasons why:

- Prevents the CPA mask from leaking because it hits the pillow
- Reduces the soreness from the pressure created by the mask
- The quilted sides has a edge that cradles the face
- The height supports the neck
- This CPAP pillow is comfortably soft

CervAlign Pillow

Neck support whether you sleep on your side or back is at it's best with this pillow that has an indented center and a curved design that cradles you head with a gentle slope. The CervAlign Pillow is available in 3 sizes.

Tri-Core Orthopedic Pillow

The comfort of this hypoallergenic pillow that has a trapezoid center and 2 neck lobes does more than just promote quality sleep. It will:

- Relieves headaches
- Gets rid of neck pain
- Correctly aligning the spine
- Supporting the neck
- Correct nerve malfunction

Tri-Core ComfortZone

An amazing kind of pillow that keeps you feeling cool and comfortable. Made with Outlast technology that was developed by NASA to protect our astronauts against temperature fluctuations in space. This pillow, available in 3 different sizes, will:

- Balance your body temperature
- Absorb the heat when you are too warm
- Release it back when you cool down
- Prevent night sweating
- Cradle the head
- Support the neck

Core Deluxe Water Pillow

This therapeutic water pillow that helps stop snoring and relieve neck pain is far better than others as it has:

- An oval-shaped embossed center
- The special displacement panel to quiet the sound of the water
- An adjustable firmness for the neck lobe by adding or lessening the water
- A cooling and soft sateen cotton cover

Core Products has many other sleep aid pillows that are designed to give relief from pain, to be used for therapy, and to upgrade the comfort level while resting or sleeping.

Browse the Core Products website right now and discover what other wonderful sleep aid pillows are in store.