Chalean Before and AfterThe basic premise of many fitness and diets plans on the market today seem pretty simple, but the problem is that few of them actually produce results. ChaLEAN Extreme is a different breed of fitness program though, one that helps you add lean muscle and melt away excess body fat quicker than you would have thought possible.

The three words behind this intense series of effective workouts are Muscle Burns Fat, and that is the truth – the more lean muscle that your body has, the easier it is for you to melt away excess fat. The ChaLEAN Extreme systems teaches you the proper form for all exercises before you begin so you can avoid injuries and maximize your results throughout performing the fifteen incredible workouts.

The fun, intense and effective resistance routines will have you firmer and more toned than you’ve been since you were a teenager, maybe more than ever, and the extreme cardio workouts will blast away your excess body fat until you’ve reached your goal and have the body of your dreams.

Chalean ExtreamWhat new, healthier and fitter body could possibly be complete without a flat, tight and toned mid-section? Well that’s exactly what you’ll get with the two incredible abdominal workouts that are included in the ChaLEAN Extreme workout program.

If you’re looking for a fun, intense and completely effective way to build and tone muscle, reshape your entire body and to melt away unsightly excess body fat, the ChaLEAN Extreme workout is the perfect plan for you.

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