CeltrixaI love my children with all of my heart, but I don't love what they did to my body. After I had my children I was left with very embarrassing stretch marks. I used to have a very nice figure, I looked really good in a bikini. After having three children I wouldn't even attempt to put on a bikini. I had a lot of stretch marks. I had them on my breasts, hips, buttocks, thighs, and stomach. I tried different creams and lotions that promised to rid my body of these horrible stretch marks, but none of them ever did anything to get rid of them. One day a friend of mine from work suggested that I try Celtrixa Stretch Mark Eraser. She said that it really worked for her and the next day she even brought in before and after pictures.

I decided to go ahead and give Celtrixa Stretch Mark Eraser a try after seeing her amazing pictures. I ordered it and I began using it as soon as I got it. I had only been using it for a few weeks when I noticed a huge change in my stretch marks, they actually appeared to be almost gone. I couldn't believe my eyes. I felt so much better about myself that I decided that it was time that I get back into a bikini. I went out and purchased one for the first time in years.Before-and-After

I went to the beach that weekend and I wore my bikini. The results were that amazing that I actually had the confidence to put it on and wear it out in public. I felt so good about myself. I hadn't realized exactly how much the stretch marks were affecting my self confidence until they were nearly gone. I have Celtrixa Stretch Mark Eraser to thank for my new found confidence and my new body!

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