Concerned about your graying hair? Your body is likely lacking in the enzyme Catalase as well as other special nutrients which keep your hair from turning silver. Catalase XP is a supplement that contains Catalase to enable you to reverse the greying of your hair. Marvel as your once graying hair slowly turns back into its normal hair color. Beyond that, it will also start looking fuller and healthier.

Catalase is actually an enzyme the body produces. It breaks down hydrogen peroxide levels also produced by the body especially in the hair areas. When these levels of hydrogen peroxide increase significantly against the levels of catalase, they create a bleaching effect on our hair. There is also a hair coloring pigment known as melanin found in our hair shaft. But as we age, pigment cells die in our hair follicles and as a result, a hair strang won’t contain as mucn melanin. The hair then changes into a more transparent color, either gray, silvery or white.

Catalase XP is a formula that not only contains the catalase needed by the hair but also has other nutrients as well such as Saw Palmetto, Horsetail, Plant Sterols and Barley Grass. Saw Palmetto helps restrict production of enzymes responsible for conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a primary factor contributing to male pattern baldness. Horsetail keeps the hair moist and shiny, strengthens hair roots and protects against scalp irritation. Plant Sterols neutralize stress hormones that contribute to hair loss and graying of hair. Barley Grass enhances one’s original hair color, thickens hair and provides nutrients that act as a protective shield so that the gray is eliminated from hair.

A bottle of Catalase XP contains 60 capsules, good for a month. You’ll notice that after regular use for a few months, new hair growth would not be grayish as it used to be but will turn back into your natural hair color. Friends will wonder why you suddenly seem to look so much younger. They’ll be surprised how much difference it makes to get your youthful hair color back. That’s added confidence right there for you!

Reverse an aging look and turn back the hands of time by reversing your hair color from gray to its natural tint. Start taking Catalase XP and see the wonders it brings.