I came across colon cleansing a few years ago and have tried many cleansers that range from horrible to wonderful. I think Bowtrol is my favorite so far, the weight-loss support they provide is invaluable.

Like some of my other highly rated colon cleanse supplements, Bowtrol works really well, but without the awful side effects that come along with some shoddy colon cleansers. I've taken some awful products that had me sitting in the bathroom almost all day. Like most products on the market today, Bowtrol works like a fibrous brush that cleans out the system of toxic sludge built up over the years. I've personally found that I have tons more energy but never crave food after a colon cleanse regiment. It also stops embarrassing gas!

The reason, however, that I got Bowtrol because it seemed like another good colon cleanse product, but it also came with really interesting stuff to help lose weight and keep it off.

I ordered the free trial package and immediately downloaded the E-book and the visualizing weight loss MP3 right away. The E-book, which I love, was 71 weight loss tips. They were all really short, easy to implement tips. I basically read one a day and tried it out. Even before my Bowtrol colon cleanse supplements I had lost six pounds! After the two weeks it took to get my order, I had integrated about seven of the tips into my daily life.

The Bowtrol put my weight loss to the next level. Another two weeks later, I had lost a total of 14 pounds. The MP3 was great too, it basically made me feel like I could lose the weight with no doubt. It made it a lot easier to say no to that last piece of pizza or slice of cake at work.

Try it out! Order your Bowtrol Free Trial online and get access to your fantastic E-book and MP3 right away.

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