Shape your figure as you wear those fitted clothes. BodyWrap Shapewear helps make you look thinner just by wearing it. It is an undergarment that supports, shapes, slims, tones, and enhances your body hiding those undesirable curves in order to achieve that S-line you’ve always wanted. Its unique cuts and paneling, with different levels of control, maximize the slimming effect on certain strategic points of the body while enhancing others, giving you that slim, and sexy look.

BodyWrap Shapewear is invisible underneath your clothes and is comfortable enough to wear all-night or all-day long. It is also breathable so you don’t have to worry about sweating so much as you wear it. You can wear any top, bottom, or full length dress that you want without any worries as to problem areas showing.

There are four different kinds of BodyWrap Shapewear available. You can choose the regulars, which include bodysuits, bra slips, camis, bottoms, and pants. You can also choose the lites, which include bodysuits, braslips, camis, and bottoms. For a very sexy and mature look, go for shapewear with designs in the “Sheer Iridesscent” collection.  There are nine different designs, some with just a solid color such as black or red and others with more colorful patterns. BodyWrap Shapewear is available even for those with full figures. This can come in bodysuits, camis, and bottoms. No matter what your body shape is, there is a BodyWrap Shapewear you can use.

BodyWrap Shapewear has been featured many times in different magazines such as style magazines, health magazines, and women’s magazines. It has become a must in the wardrobe of many women because it is able to define the look you want and hide unwanted bulges, making you look good in whatever attire you use.

With BodyWrap Shapewear you get that shapely look, regardess of the kind of clothes you wear as it emphasizes your best assets and de-emphasizes the excess pounds and inches. Being light and comfortable to wear, you'll love using it to practically any occasion, knowing that you look good in it. Your friends will not even know you're wearing one.

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