BlueMD Acne Treatment is a safe, FDA approved instrument that will help get rid of acne. The effectiveness of this device was proven by several tests of The American Academy of Dermatology. Using blue light wavelength to help you get rid of acne breakouts, BlueMD Acne Treatment is easy to use, affordable and safe, not like some anti-acne creams and medicines that can produce irritation. You can use BlueMD at home, being sure that you will soon have smooth skin and less chances to have breakouts in the future. The light emitted by the device annihilates the bacteria that causes acne episodes and at the same time reduces the oil and sebum on your skin in order to prevent future acne breakouts.

BlueMD Acne Treatment weights only 3.5 lbs and doesn't occupy more space than a normal desk lamp. You can set it up in your bedroom or bathroom and start your treatment right away. Before you do that, be sure to clean your face with a foaming cleanser. Then, place the BlueMD device no more than 6 inches away from the area you want to treat. Make sure the light bulb is directly above that specific area. For your protection, put on the goggles included in the package and then you can turn the device on. The actual session should last somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes and you should stay still during the process. You should repeat this process up to three times a week, but if your acne is severe, you can do it even two times every day.

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