Are you still applying makeup with old makeup brushes? You may not be maximizing the look that your makeup could give your face because old brushes are either too stiff and apply color more heavily in one spot. Thinning brushes also do not distribute color evenly over your face. To get just that perfect look for any occasion, use brushes from Bhumi Makeup and see the difference. The Bhumi Makeup brushes have been perfected over a span of 25 years, with technological experience and production expertise being employed, in order to finally get the perfect set of brushes every woman wants to own.

Your real beauty can be greatly enhanced by Bhumi Makeup brushes. Every kit of Bhumi Makeup includes: (1) Brilliant Blush Brush; (2) Precision Foundation, (3) Perfecting Concealer Brush, and (4) Defining Shadow Brush. Each brush has its specific use. The Brilliant Blush Brush has soft-tapered fibers which are great for applying powder blush, highlighting and contouring powders. The Precision Foundation Brush has firm, but soft bristles which can blend foundation, highlighting, and contours easily with liquids, cream foundations or cream blush. The Perfecting Concealer Brush has thin, round tip fibers which contour liquid and cream concealers on your inner eye, and allow you to apply them effortlessly, just like a professional. The Defining Shadow Brush has a firm, rounded tip which, when applied with powder or cream eyeshadow and highlights on the eye lid, produces a sparkling new radiance to your eyes and overall facial appearance.

With your very own set of Bhumi Makeup brushes, you can readily bring out the beautiful, distinct features of your face easily. Natural blending and highlighting produced by the combined effects of makeup applied with the brushes will show you exactly why Bhumi Makeup brushes are far better than other brands of makeup brushes.