I was trying out different acne treatments not too long ago, and signed up for a free trial of BellaClear, it was a great trick for fast acne fighting results.

I've been trying to stop acne for my entire life since I became a teenager it seems, but still I get breakouts from time to time when stress builds up or I decided to throw my diet out the window. I've tried countless skin products in the hope of finally curing acne but, wouldn't you know, I still have acne. And adult acne is just embarrassing.

As I said, I tried everything under the sun, I stuck with Proactive, but then I saw the Bella Clear acne treatment I thought I'd give it a try. After all, Proactive was expensive and Bella Clear was free for as long as the free trial lasted.

I ordered it online and kept using my expensive acne treatments. When it came I opened up the box and was impressed with the fact that it wasn’t just one treatment, it was actually three different skin products work together to fight acne. I stopped using my Proactive solution and reluctantly waited for a few pimples to pop up -- oh what I do for research.

Part 1:

The first part of the treatment was a cleanser of salicylic acid, aloe and chamomile. It really did a great job cleaning the gunked-up make up and dirt from the day. My skin already felt really, really clean, unlike other cheap cleansers that left weird residues behind. Sometimes I had to wash my face after washing my face haha.

Part 2:

The second part of the acne treatment was and even stronger skin cleanser, it also included witch hazel, a natural herb used for its deep cleansing and soothing healing properties. My skin felt even cleaner after using part two of BellaClear. My skin felt really taut and healthy; like it had washed away time itself.

Part 3:

The company said their third step was unlike any other acne treatment for the fact that Bella Clear attacked both adolescent and adult acne with two different approaches. First the restorative ltion contained benzoyl peroxide to fight normal acne caused by stress and bad diet. But the BellaClear lotion also contains coleus forskohli oil -- I'd never heard of it either -- which promises to fight off the bacteria that causes adult acne.

After the 10-day treatment, I didn’t have any acne! I was really surprised to find something that worked nearly as well as Proactive for so, so much cheaper. I really suggest trying it out, for a quick acne treatment. I told a friend about it and she said the free trial was perfect for her. She used it for the 10 days before she went to a high school reunion and it made her the "Bella" of the ball.

So go check it out and sign up for the Bella Clear Free trial and stop your embarrassing acne.

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