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Barton Publishing's Home Cures That Work e-Magazine

Ever heard stories of how a home remedy can cure an ailment? Old folks have many of these kind of advice - and many of them work. Over the centuries, home remedies have been passed down from generation to generation, specially in Eastern cultures like China and India where herbs and spices are the basis of nearly all treatments.

The 'Father of Medicine', Hippocrates, the famous ancient Greek healer, had recorded his use medicinal plants and herbs. His studies are the foundation of modern medicine.

Aside from herbs, there are many things typically found in a home that are used for cures, such as making a saline rinse with salt and water, applying cornstarch on diaper rash, and placing sliced cucumbers to take away puffiness from the eyes.

Now, you can discover more wonderful things that you can do with 'Home Cures That Work' for your better health and to become more beautiful! And, using the natural methods suggested is the Go Green choice that helps you save money at the same time.

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Home Cures That Work also has Natural Pet Care.What kind of food do you give your pets? Is it good for cats to eat grass? Should your pet eat raw food? How to get rid of their itching and scratching?

Take care of your pet the natural way by accessing the free information to get a firm idea of why you should be a reader of the various publications of Barton.

Barton Publishing A-Z Remedies Manuals

Get back to the basics. That's what Barton Publishing can do with the invaluable information in the monthly magazine and A-Z Remedies manuals.

That's because instead of just giving you the suggested treatments, what you will acquire is a deeper understanding of the root of the problem. Knowing the cause, then one can get rid of it more easily and use the right cure.

For example, if a person has bad breath, there are many causes of the foul emission such as decaying teeth, having consumed garlic, and drinking alcoholic beverages the night before. Upon close inspection of the mouth, there might be a off-white film covering the tongue, which is the bad bacteria which causes bad breath.

Now that the cause has been identified, one will know that they have to go to the dentist, clean their tongue with a scraper, and avoid consuming food and beverages that makes the breath smell foul.

Find out the answers. Know why the common health concerns occur. Once you have a strong grasp of what's wrong, the way to getting well again will be much easier as the route is clear.

Barton's Publishing has an extensive library of manuals that provide the keys to find the relief or cure.

•Acid Reflux
•Anti-Inflammation Diet
•Back Pain
•Bad Breath
•Cholesterol Secrets
•Erectile Dysfunction
•Hair Growth
•High Blood Pressure
•Irritable Bowel Syndrome
•Kidney Stone Removal
•Lady Bug Removal
•Lyme Disease
•Prostate Secrets
•Sinus Infection
•Yeast Infection

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Barton Publishing was established in 2003. After over a decade, thousands of people have greatly benefited from reading the monthly e-magazine and using the manual for their specific health concern. Use this reliable resource to have the information needed to have a better quality of life.

Note: All health manuals are covered by a 365 day 100% money-back guarantee.