Pain. Something you can live without. One of the ways pain relief is provided in a medical facility is with the use of a therapeutic TENS device. Now, for home use, there is AuraWave, which provides pain relief without medication.

When our body has pain such as an aching shoulder, we try to get rid of it by taking medicine, applying compresses, and may possibly even have acupuncture done if the pain is chronic. Sometimes, the pain can go away using these methods. There are those who use these methods yet frequently suffer from pain in areas like the joints and back. There is an alternative solution for pain relief and that is to get treatment with the AuraWave device.

What is AuraWave?

AuraWave is a hand held, battery operated transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) medical device. According to Wikipedia, “TENS is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes....TENS is a non-invasive, safe nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain, both acute and chronic.”

The device is attached to electrodes. When activated, pulses are delivered by the electrodes attached to the body part being treated. The device can be adjusted to make the pulses weaker or stronger. This action of stimulating the nerves help bring about pain relief.

What kind of pain may AuraWave relieve?

It may bring relief or reduction of acute and chronic pain. A few examples of the common body pains that AuraWave may treat are aching joints, stiff muscles, back pain, and sprains.

How does one use AuraWave?

The electrodes will be placed on the body part that is painful. There are two sets of electrodes, small and large. The smaller ones are for areas like the wrist and ankle, while the larger ones can be placed on areas such as the hips and thighs. After the electrodes are in place, the device is simply switched on. AuraWave also has a specially created back pain belt with electrodes integrated that is to be wrapped around the waist.

Since the device can change the pulsating action, there is a need to read the instruction manual before using AuraWave to be aware of the recommended settings and how to operate the device. There are also some areas that might be painful that the electrodes may not be placed on such as open wounds, impaired joints or limbs, numb areas, and more.

Can anyone use AuraWave?

AuraWave is for adults. Most people can use AuraWave but there are those who cannot use TENS device for pain relief. A few of the people who cannot use AuraWave are those with pacemakers and other similar implanted metallic devices, epileptics, or  recently had surgery.

AuraWave is a Class II medical TENS device. By placing the electrodes or the belt on the painful body part, turning on the device will send the pulses to bring instant relief or a reduction of pain. For pain relief, use the therapeutic treatment that AuraWave can provide you.