High blood pressure is one of the most common and dangerous conditions you'll find in the US today. It can be caused by a series of factors, from an unbalanced diet to the lack of exercise or too much stress. What it can cause is surely dreadful: the weakening of your blood vessels can cause strokes, kidney failures and heart attacks. Alistrol is one of the best solutions to keep your blood pressure to a normal rate; it is a dietary supplement containing herbal ingredients that have a long reputation of regulating blood pressure, being used by Chinese and Indian Medicine for centuries. Inside Alistrol you can find holly leaf extract, that will enlarge your blood vessels thus assuring a less risk full circulation, daikon seed extract, that aids at assuring good cardio-vascular health, hawthorn berry extract, that helps enlarge the blood vessels of the heart and overall improve the heart's metabolism and garlic extracts that has positive effects in preventing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The ingredients inside Alistrol are considered to be useful for the protection of arterial walls from plaque build up and also to stimulate the organism to better use oxygen by expanding the coronary blood vessels. This is very important because dilated vessels are more prone at distributing oxygen, blood and nutrients to your major organs and also eases the use of minerals such as calcium, which is a essential ingredient of a well functioning heart. You can be sure that Alistrol is not a “feel good” fairy tale, but a rigorously tested supplement, being the only one sold on the internet with a double blind, clinical trial. The benefits of Alistrol were acknowledged in the 2003 American Heart Association conference and the quality control of Alistrol is made using GMP facilities. Be sure that Alistrol is a safe and very effective way to improve the health of your heart.

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