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Dramatically changing the look with a quick switch of hair color and style is no new thing, as Cher has been wearing fabulous wigs for a long time. Paris Hilton brought hair extensions to fame in 2007 as a must-have. Paris did say, "I think beautiful hair is the ultimate accessory..."

The prices of these hair extensions and wigs then were exorbitant and still cost a pretty penny from other retailers.

The popularity of changing the length, color, and style of hair spurred the industry to come out with better wigs and hair extensions, especially after Paris had her crop horror picture taken by the paparazzi when she attended a nightclub opening and the attachment of the hair extensions was seen.

Nowadays, extensions and wigs aren't just for celebrities. To have the dramatically or subtle beautiful change is commonly done for a pernson's special days like a wedding or debut, or even for everyday wear. The industry has created hair extensions and accessories that may be placed on without the need of having to go to a costly saloon such as the clip-on hair extensions which are a DIY thing for nearly instantly more lovely locks.

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The wigs come in every fashionable style and there is a special section for Celebrity style wigs so one can get the look of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and more in a jiffy. The other kinds of wigs that come in various lengths include that for role-playing, costumes, blonde, red, bob, half-wing, and the newest ones which are the lace wigs.

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