30 Second SmileIf you could have that fresh from the dentist feeling every single day, without actually having to visit the dentist – you would do it right? Fresher breath, cleaner and whiter teeth are literally just thirty seconds away with 30 Second Smile.

30 Second Smile uses revolutionary technology to clean teeth exactly how your dentist and hygienist recommend. The patented design of the heads allows you to clean all of the surfaces of each tooth at the same time while simultaneously massaging the gums. This will lead to a whiter shinier smile and healthier gums almost immediately.

30 Second Smile can reverse the effects of the gum disease gingivitis in as little as two weeks, making not just your smile healthier, but your whole mouth healthier. The revolutionary design of 30 Second Smile is completely fool proof, use it for just thirty seconds and you will get a thorough and precise cleaning that can’t possibly be rivaled by a manual brushing – and you’ll get that precise cleaning every single time.

30 Second Smile is an award winning teeth cleaning system that is one of a kind, you will get a cleaner, whiter, brighter smile and much healthier gums and the results are guaranteed. Even if you are a coffee drinker, a tea drinker or a smoker, this revolutionary teeth cleaning system will have you feeling like you’ve just had a professional cleaning after each and every time you use it. Want a healthier, cleaner mouth with whiter teeth and fresher breath? – Get a 30 Second Smile.

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