Ultra Plush Nurse EZ PlusIf you are a nursing mother or you have a family member who is one, you probably know how tiring it can get to take care of an infant. Every few hours you will need to feed your baby and as they grow heavier, your arms feel the strain of their weight. Imagine how much more difficult it gets when the mother is nursing twins. She would have to hold and feed two hungry babies at the same time. The Ultra Plush Nurse EZ Plus would be a wonderful gift for the nursing mother as it gives her respite for her tired arms and allows her to safely and gently rest her infant on the soft foam.

The Ultra Plush Nurse EZ Plus is a contoured foam that hugs the front of the mother. It comes with an extra handy pillow which the mother can use for back support and a back strap to keep the pillow comfortably in place. Its convoluted shape maximizes airflow to give Mom and baby the most comfort and it retains its shape and doesn't flatten out even after frequent use. Mom just lays the baby or twin babies on the foam to relieve aching arms, neck and back. The Ultra Plush Nurse EZ Plus comes with a removable cover that can be easily washed. The cover is made of ultra plush stain-resistant fabric.

With the Ultra Plush Nurse EZ Plus, both mother and baby/babies will always be comfortable and relaxed. Mom will have energy left over even after nursing to go about her other tasks. Give this as a gift for a favorite mother or if you are the nursing mother, get this for yourself and nurse your baby in comfort. This Ultra Plush Nurse EZ Plus is available in blue.

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