Timeless Message is the way to save time in a bottle. Jim Croce and Sting had their own rendition of how to send a Timeless Message - and now you can, too.

Ever go to the beach and place a message in a bottle to send it adrift? Who knows where that went and who had read the message? As Sting had sang, " I hope that someone gets my..."

With Timeless Message, that someone will.

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Key to My Heart -- AND a Message in a Bottle. The Perfect Romantic Combination. This gorgeous Message in a Bottle delivers the Key to Your Heart -- with the poem or message of your choice.  She'll love this fabulously Romantic and Original Keepsake gift!

What message would you like to be delivered? A note that say the word "Cherish" or "Amor"? How about one that states why you love them? Maybe you can say, "I've looked enough around to know that you're the one I want to go through time with."

A vow, a promise, that is sealed inside a bottle of your choice is one that won't drift with the waves. It can be kept always by the one who you send the Timeless Message.

A Way to Touch the Heart

The difference is in the delivery of the Timeless Message. When it arrives, it is a surprise as the sender is unknown. Then, when opened, a beautiful bottle is seen. As the message is taken out, the feeling that the receiver may have is one filled with anticipation. As the message is read, it may bring tears of happiness to their eyes.

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