Make a customized Santa video at the The Santa Video website. It's a special video greeting that shall bring Santa into any picture! It’s better than a holiday card. Kids will be thrilled to watch as Santa enters into the video - and it’s you who can choose the place that he visits to and what he’s going to do!

Here’s a sample of the holiday video that you can create in 3 easy steps at The Santa Video.

Wasn’t that awesome? For you might have just been good but to a kid - the best video ever - especially if their picture is in it.

What if you had a picture of the child sleeping? In secret, you can upload the photo, choose among the 8 video footages of Santa, and pick the music. Preview and click done. Try it now for free at The Santa Video.

The child that views this Santa video shall react with astonishment. They would be amazed to see Santa bring a gift as they sleep. There are so many scenarios you can create to make that special Santa video.

Christmas is the best time for kids and sharing this video surely will fill a room with shrieks of joy. Some kids may just stare at the video in awe. Spread the cheer and make a customized Santa video.

Santa is the ultimate Christmas symbol. He does exist in a video that you can create. It is going to be a lot of fun to have a child see Santa visiting their home or even their school. Sharing these kinds of videos is a must to spread the cheer. Try it for free at The Santa Video.

When you don’t want to send a card, if there is a need for an extra gift, and to give a child the viewing pleasure of Santa in a backdrop of your choice - and even to use as a marketing tool to show Santa entering your office or establishment, it will only take less than 30 minutes for you to make a customized Santa video.

Have fun and make a customized Santa video now for free! Season's Greetings to all the readers of Jenny Reviews!