When you want someone to feel special you definitely do not want to send flowers in ordinary cardboard boxes that are dumped in trucks and delivered to your doors looking damaged or dehydrated. Count on Teleflora for those special and memorable occasions. Your gift of flowers will be artistically arranged by professional florists and delivered in special glass vases, ceramic containers or baskets. Make someone’s birthday, anniversary or special occasion that much more memorable with Teleflora bouquets.

Teleflora is not a florist. What it is is a hub that connects you to some of the nation’s best florists. Flowers stay fresh because they come from locally-based florists who arrange these into perfectly arranged bouquets of your choice.


The problem with ordinary floral bouquets is that not only do they sometimes arrive wilted or in disarray due to being tossed around in a box, but once completely wilted, you toss away everything. Teleflora makes sure that beautiful memories of floral gifts stay with your recipients. The beautiful vases and containers that the flowers come in can be kept and reused for other purposes way after the flowers have wilted. Your special person will always have something to hold on to and remember your flower gift by.

Any occasion is a chance to send Teleflora flowers. It goes beyond just Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. You can send them with all kinds of messages, including “Get well”, “I’m sorry”, “Congratulations” or “My deepest sympathies”. The beautiful flower arrangements will immediately convey not just your written message but will tell its recipients that they are extra special because you are sending them nothing but the best.

Teleflora’s florist partners are among the best in the nation, including partners who help create the beautiful themes of the bouquets like  M&M Candies or Waterford Crystal. They don’t just deliver nationwide; international flower delivery is available to more than 165 countries.

Make Teleflora your floral partner when you want to send out not just beautiful messages but beautiful memories as well.