Stupid sells the greatest stuff. So Stupid, it's worth seeing. For those who want gags and pranks, a barrel of monkeys, a joke, a burp, or a poop - the most awesomest gift store is Stupid.

When you want something that is not boring, hey, Stupid has got the stuff for you. From the simplest kind of prank like fake blood to the most sophiticated one, if you want to laugh, play a trick on your friends (and parents or kids), it will be stupid not to shop at Stupid.

Life does have it's moments of fun, and a lot of them come from harmless pranks. One of these is the spicy chewing gum. That's old stuff and there are a lot of newer ones that spell FUN at Stupid.

Toys and games that boys will love are at Stupid such as old school style like a screaming rubber chicken and clattering teeth. Newer toys like Lazer Airzooka and the Tennis Racket Bug Zupper are fantastic too. For the girls, they might like a frog that turns into a prince or a talking pig.

How about things that are so smart, they are actually rather stupid? Hey, we can't all be stupid (one does not turn into an idiot because they shop at this gift store) but that doesn't mean we don't know the meaning of fun. For the smart guy, for the awesome one, for the geek, and the nerdy characters, there are special sections at Stupid.

I love that Stupid.

Oh, and there's more crazy things in this gift store. When it comes to toilet humor, this place is the one that has it! From pooping reindeer t-shirts, to pooping candy dispensers, plus toilet mugs and more... the list goes on and on...

Stupid, for those who want fun things to own, share, and give away. Practical jokes galore await you at the silliest and funniest store of the net.