Stuffed Ark stuffed toys are life-like. So realistic, one can have a zoo. With over 500 stuffed toys to chose from, an introduction in to the world of animals is the learning experience given by Stuffed Ark.

Cute and cuddly stuffed toys abound but many are not like the real animal. A child experiences the world through their playthings. Identifying the different kind of land, water, and sea animals is important. Introducing them to the insect world is also a good thing.

There is a new world for them to explore made possible with the collectible Stuffed Ark Stuffed Toys.

These stuffed toys are available exclusively online. Every single one was created to replicate the animal as much as possible. Soft, cuddly, and detailed, it's one of the best stuffed toys in the world.

With the every growing number of stuffed toys, there is always a new set at Stuffed Ark.

Some of these animals are so life-like, even the height of the real one has been copied. Of course, the Wolly Mammoth and Giraffe are not real sized, but they have been scaled down to fit tin the room. One of the ones that is truly a collectible is this stuffed crocodile, signed by the late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin.

Even an adult will be amazed at the awesome display of stuffed toys at this website. The stuffed animals are categorized to make it easier for one to browse through them. There are bears, cats, dogs, horses, monkeys, birds, marine life, wild life, and insects. Make the animal kingdom come alive with stuffed toys from Stuffed Ark.

Extinct animals are also featured as part of this stuffed toy collection. Do you know the different ones that no longer exist? If you are interested in learning more, check out the Stuffed Legends category in this stuffed animal store.

Two of a kind where brought into the Ark of Noeh, as told by the Bible. These animals where saved along with Noah and his family to replenish the earth after a great flood happened. Whether you are Christian or not, this site is the devoted to making available the best of life-like animals on the planet.

Sweet and cuddly to amazing one, there is a stuffed toy for everyone at Stuffed Ark.