Shake-N-WakeWaking up is often difficult and hearing that clock ring in the morning can add some extra nerves to the process of starting a new day. Studies have shown that the mood you wake up with is likely to follow you all day round. Even though you had a sound sleep is more likely to wake up in a bad mood do to other facts such as the annoying wake up clock ring that let’s your partner know is time to start the day. This frustration can now be history thanks to a new and marvelous product called Shake-N-Wake, a device specially designed to wake people up without disturbing others in the process. This smart item can be easily compared to a watch thanks to the possibility of wearing it around the wrist. However Shake-N-Wake has two major and distinctive capacities that of being lightweight and comfortable while waking you up at the right time without making a fuss about it. Slowly vibrating when it’s the right time to wake up, the Shake-N-Wake gives you the possibility of offering back your loved one that extra hour of sleep every morning. Moreover thanks to the handy backlight incorporated you can now easily check up the time during the night without having to turn on the light.

The choice of wearing Shake-N-Wake around your wrist or remove the main unit and put it under the pillow is yours as in both cases the results are the same: sound sleep for your loved one and a smooth and natural waking up alarm for you.

Shake-N-Wake is the perfect gift not only for you but also for your partner as this wonderful device will brighten up your mornings giving you the chance of starting up the day in good spirits.

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