For customized cards, there is an eco-friendly choice. SeasonsGreenings Christmas cards have more meaning as are they are go green cards. These are unique holiday cards, not run of the mill, and it only takes a few steps to personalize these.

When a company goes green in what they do, the impression is better. Some might not care about this fact as they prefer to make eco-friendly choices but it is a marketing tool. In fact, you can visit this site and get the ‘Stand for Green’ marketing tools to write a corporate sustainability policy that will can be placed on your website.

If you are sending out Christmas cards this season, the way to get to maximize the impact is with a SeasonsGreenings customized card.

There are specific advantages of using SeasonsGreenings to create the cards. Aside from it being eco-friendly, here’s the additional perks:

Free shipping
Minimum order of 50
Bulk ordering
Ready designs
Choice of messages
Customized fonts
Envelopes with return address

For each customized eco-friendly card order, this company will plant a tree. Start customizing SeasonsGreenings cards.

The site also provides free information about how to go green. There is a Green Gift Guide and Tips for Green Holidays.

Send out customized SeasonsGreening card so you can get to plant a tree. Share the joy of the season with an eco-friendly decision when choosing holiday cards. Go green marketing as there is a reason for the season with SeasonsGreening Christmas cards.

Reflection for Christmas from Seasons Greenings

How do you decide what gift to give this holiday season? Be it for personal or business gifts, there is a way to make the better choice. Why should one purchase a product that is harmful when there are others? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before buying a gift to ensure that it is the eco-friendly choice:

What is the product made out of? Is it made from a natural material such as bamboo, hemp, or cork? Is the material recyclable or made from recyclable materials?

Where was it made? If it was made locally, it lessens the carbon footprint as it did not have to travel far to get to your door.

Every single choice we make today will make a difference. The little ones do add up to save the future generations from having to suffer from the mess we have made. Stay environmental friendly this Christmas season for the good of the world we live in.