This Christmas, before you plan to send out Christmas cards to everyone on your list, think of doing something different and more eco-friendly. SeasonsGreenings can make your Christmas merrier and greener with its variety of holiday cards for the whole family and community while taking care of Mother Earth because what it does is recycle holiday greeting cards.

SeasonsGreenings is perfect for companies that want to make a statement about supporting a sustainable environment or for individuals looking for personalized, unique holiday cards. All SeasonsGreenings Holiday and Christmas cards use only eco-friendly materials and vegetable inks dried with 100% wind power in order to promote green living. The paper is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified, using 60% recycled pre-consumer waste pulp and the 40% coming from sustainable managed tree plantations.

Trees take years to grow into full-grown trees of about 6 to 7 feet so by recycling greeting cards, less trees need to be cut down.With every purchase of SeasonsGreenings cards, a tree will also be planted on your behalf. You are not only helping Mother Earth by reusing but you also help contribute to the planting of more trees.

SeasonsGreenings can imprint your company name and logo for corporate Christmas Cards, include a custom verse as well as a return envelope with your return address imprinted with vegetable inks. And in the end, if you happen to end up with more cards than you need, there are many more ways you can use them without waste. You can cut them up and make them into gift tags, save the cards for next Christmas, send off the cards to those who have no one to cheer them up like those in nursing homes, combine cards to make them into a gift box, or simply recycle them.

Make SeasonsGreenings your holiday partner this Christmas and New Year. Your commitment to preserve our trees and Mother Earth by sending out your greetings with SeasonsGreenings holiday cards will be appreciated by generations to come. Count yourself among the nature warriors this Christmas.