Own a fashionable tote bag while protecting the planet when you become the owner of Sea Bags. These are all handmade totes made from recycled sails. Because sails are meant to be weather-resistant, this material is not only water-resistant, washable and robust but Sea Bags are also fashionable, functional and stylish.

Don’t you just love it when companies try to preserve the resources of our planet by reusing and recycling materials? Who would ever have imagined that sails that you normally associate with sailing are now getting a second life as fashionable tote bags! The sails are handmade on a working fisherman’s pier in Portland, Maine. The designs are fun and come in bright, splashy colors. There are designs of anchors, starfishes, blue and white stripes, stars, and even lobster claws. What’s more, each sail has sailed around the world even before it is made into a bag just for you. When you buy a bag, it already comes with a lot of sailing history.


Sea Bags are unique because sails get certain markings from use and these markings are unique to the sail. You always end up getting a one-of-a kind bag then. The bags feature rope handles that are hand-spliced, a traditional nautical skill. Since sails are made for rough handling, you can be sure that Sea Bags will withstand heavy stuff packed into it, bumps and scrapes, frequent travels and more. There’s so much room in these totes (they come in small, medium and large sizes) that you can put in so many things. They serve as carryalls just about everywhere – from the market to the beach. Sea Bags come in wine totes too – perfect partner for that wine gift you want to give. And after the wine has been consumed, the wine tote bag can be re-gifted to someone else. Track its journey using the “To” and “From” labels on the reverse. Isn’t that so much fun?

Tote around one or more of these Sea Bags. Or gift them to a special friend or member of the family. Your bag will be the center of discussions when people realize that what looks like a fashionable tote bag was once a sail. Plus, the earth is that much better off due to the recycled product.

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