The Christmas rush is here! What can you do to spread the cheer? For a last minute gift, give a call from Santa by scheduling one from SantaSpeaking.

A call from Santa (from the North Pole) doesn't have the hefty charges as he has a special kind of toll-free number that directly connect to kids who are listed on his 'must speak to this Christmas' list.

SantaSpeaking to the child can say things like, "I know you've been good this year as your room is always clean." Or even say, "Your such a good child for helping Mommy put away the groceries." That's what makes this call from Santa so special! You can ask Santa to give a personal message to the child!

Children are quite smart. Even a 4 year old knows if a caller is a recorded voice. Most other calls from Santa are recorded. What will happen is that in a few seconds, those kind of call from Santa get busted.

SantaSpeaking is the 'real' call from Santa as there can be some details furnished upon scheduling the call such as the child's favorite color, the name of their pet, and what kind of activity they like such as drawing or swimming. This is important as the call from Santa is believable.

There are call from Santa packages to choose from. The conversation can last from 3 minutes to 10,minutes. A call, one that is saved on a CD or MP3, and to schedule at a discounted rate for Santa to call 3 different kids.

By scheduling a call from  SantaSpeaking, you can give a Christmas greeting like no other!

And at this website, there is a Wonderland that kids would love to go to. The Wonderland has Free Online Holiday Games such as Dress the Elf. Santa can be tracked, emailed, and one can even find out what the weather is like in the North Pole.

Create magic this Christmas. Schedule calls from Santa! As Christmas is drawing nearer, you have a gift to give - which is a call from Santa from SantaSpeaking.